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Medical equipment

Date: 2017-09-27
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Medical equipment is the most basic element of medical, scientific research, teaching, institution and clinical discipline, that is, professional medical equipment, including medical equipment. Medical equipment to continuously improve the level of medical science and technology of the basic conditions, but also an important indicator of the degree of modernization, medical equipment has become an important area of modern medical care. The development of medical care depends to a large extent on the development of the instrument, and even in the development of the medical industry, its breakthrough bottleneck also played a decisive role

At present, there are three major categories, namely, diagnostic equipment, treatment equipment and auxiliary equipment category.

1, diagnostic equipment can be divided into eight categories, namely, X-ray diagnostic equipment, ultrasound diagnostic equipment, functional inspection equipment, endoscopy equipment, nuclear medicine equipment, laboratory diagnostic equipment and pathological diagnosis equipment

General medical equipment, including medical equipment, home medical equipment, and professional medical equipment does not include household medical equipment. We can see that they are closely linked at the same time, but also a relationship, subtle differences is not difficult to see.

This medical device requires components with higher reliability and performance and smaller size. The component fabrication method can help achieve various options to reduce the mixing element and board space and increase component reliability to play an important and decisive role in improving the performance parameters of medical devices


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