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"Nikko dry goods" What is passive components

Date: 2017-09-27
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Introduction to Passive Components

According to Xiao Bian learned passive component (passive component) is an electronic component, relative to the active component, is not affected by the basic characteristics of the signal, but only through the signal without changing the circuit components. Do not need the source of energy to implement his specific function. Examples of passive components include resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes. The traditional quartz wireless receiver, an amplitude modulated wireless receiver does not require any power, is entirely composed of passive components.

Passive component definition

Passive components are called outsiders. Should be called passive components. A simple definition of passive devices, if the electronic components work, its internal without any form of power, this device is called passive devices.

Passive components

From the nature of the circuit, passive devices have two basic characteristics:

(1) itself does not consume electricity, or the power into different forms of other energy. In the case of

(2) only need to enter the signal, no external power supply will be able to work properly. In the case of

Passive components include 3 categories

Passive components can cover three major categories of products: resistors, inductors and capacitors. The following Xiaobian introduced:

A resistor: the function of the resistor, is used to adjust the circuit voltage and current, according to the material and product packaging can be divided into three categories.

1. Fixed non-chip resistors: This product is mainly used to deal with power supply or signal to power supplies and monitors and other electronic products, the largest demand. Application: power supply, monitor

2, fixed chip resistors: This resistor products are widely used in information, communications, consumer electronics and a variety of instruments. Applications: information, communications, consumer electronics and various instruments

3. Thermistor and variable resistor: Mainly used in temperature sensing or control, motor protection and activation devices, and over current / voltage protection device based. Applications: temperature sensing or control, motor protection and activation devices, and overcurrent / voltage protection

2. Capacitors: When the two conductive substances to dielectric isolation, used to store the static electricity may be, is the capacitor. A wide range of capacitors, according to the use of materials can be divided into more than 30 kinds, while the domestic manufacturers to produce aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors and plastic film capacitors based. Among them, the investment in the most commonly seen in the report, is one of the ceramic capacitors - laminated ceramic capacitors (MLCC). Basically, ceramic capacitors can be divided into two categories, one is a single-layer ceramic capacitors, the other is the laminated ceramic capacitors

(MLCC). MLCC because of small size, relatively large capacity, high frequency loss and low stability when the use of high characteristics, in response to electronic products, light and thin future, MLCC prospects are very promising, mainly used in the motherboard, notebook computers, mobile phones, Scanners, optical drives and modems. Applications: Motherboards, Notebooks, Mobile Phones, Scanners, Optical Drives and Modems

3. Inductor: The ability of the coil to store energy in a magnetic field is called an inductor, which is called an inductor. The main function of the inductor is to control the interference of electromagnetic waves, filter the noise in the current, the use of a very wide range, however, the domestic production chip inductor technology and scale is still insufficient, there is no professional production of inductors manufacturers. Applications: motherboards, personal computers (PCs), scanners, power supplies, monitors, switches, telephones, modems, all kinds of audio-visual equipment, etc.

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