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"Nikko dry goods" What is active components

Date: 2017-09-27
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Introduction to active components

Xiaobian known active components (active component) active device is in the analog and digital circuits in the external signal, you can change their own basic characteristics of the device is obtained by the current direction, or rely on the current direction of the components. A component capable of performing a data operation and processing in a circuit element. Simply said is the need to (power) source device called active devices, active devices are generally used to signal amplification, conversion, passive devices used for signal transmission, or through the direction of the "signal amplification."

Active components

The active elements include a variety of wafers, such as transistors in semiconductor elements, integrated circuits, video tubes and displays, transistors, thyristors, diodes, valves, and the like. Resistors, capacitors, inductors, connectors, etc. are all passive. While active devices can control voltage or current, or create conversions in the circuit - it is intelligent. Diode, transistor, IC, crystal, sensor are active.

Active component features

1] itself also consumes electricity. In the case of

2] In addition to the input signal, but also must have an external power supply can work properly.

Commonly used active components

1, Diode: Diode has a one-way conduction characteristics, the symbol of the arrow direction, that is, to allow the current through the direction.

2, light-emitting diode: light-emitting diode (referred to as LED), with a one-way conduction properties. When the supply of forward bias (long feet then positive voltage, short then negative voltage), will light; otherwise, it is not bright.

3, the transistor: the transistor's main role is to be able to enlarge the small signal for the larger signal. If the transistor according to its composition, can be divided into two N-type semiconductor clip a P-type semiconductor composition of the NPN type or by an N-type semiconductor clip two P-type semiconductor made of PNP type two.

4, integrated circuits: IC referred to as IC, is made by many electronic components in a tiny chip, a circuit with a specific function of the individual. As the rapid development of IC, so that products become smaller, and its function is stronger and more diverse

Due to the relationship between the time Xiaobian today introduced here first, the next opportunity and then talk about passive components.

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