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How to avoid chip cracking (MLCC) welding cracking

Date: 2017-09-27
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Ceramic chip capacitors (MLCC) widely used, if visible or not visible cracks will lead to circuit failure, or even a very serious loss of events. Common breakdown after the phenomenon of power is mostly crack causes, I hope this article can readers have a relatively large reference value.

The improper welding conditions on the board are important causes of MLCC cracks.

Ceramic chip capacitors (MLCC) ceramic and metal combination. Ceramic body part of the poor thermal conductivity, by the rapid cooling and hot cases, the ceramic body is prone to macro-cracks. The metal electrode part of the thermal conductivity is very good, thermal expansion coefficient is large, in the case of heat, the metal part and the ceramic part of the existence of a certain degree of expansion is inconsistent, resulting in internal stress, likely to cause micro-cracks ceramic body. Large-scale MLCC crack phenomenon is more obvious.

So in the welding need to pay special attention to the following points: warm-up time to fully warm up to the temperature as high as possible, the welding temperature as low as possible. Please refer to the attachment.

To sum up, this article has been to explain how to avoid chip capacitors (MLCC) welding cracking, I believe you on how to avoid chip capacitors (MLCC) welding cracking awareness more and more in-depth.

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