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How to use the barrel effect to improve team cohesion?

Date: 2017-09-26
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The development of enterprises is inseparable from the efforts of all staff, teamwork, continuous learning, to advance with the times, to a bright future.


Today, Japan organized a special training - barrel effect, all employees of high spirits to participate in the training.

Xu teacher to do the topic "cask effect - barrel principle" training. Teacher Xu language lively, frequently interact with everyone, active learning passion, so that everyone in the most relaxed way to learn, explain in simple terms to understand the effect of the barrel through the image of the barrel compared to help employees in the work attitude, work Methods, work ability, teamwork and so on to achieve improvement. She stressed that the thickness of a bucket, length, bottom area, shape, diameter, wood tightness, etc. will affect the bucket of water storage. Like a successful business, employees have their advantages and disadvantages, the equivalent of the length of wooden barrels of wood, everyone has their own "high wood", only to play the advantages of staff, on the right place, by training the core competition Advantages, improve the overall strength of the enterprise.


Finally, the general manager of the leaf for the training to sum up, the content of the teacher's speech vivid, vivid, practical to give affirmation. Each employee is an important member of the enterprise, representing the company's overall image, pay attention to detail, dare to bear, so that the daily development of the Division to enhance the competitiveness of the team. The training ended successfully and looked forward to the next time.


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