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Date: 2015-09-23
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Lunar New Year in May is China's traditional Dragon Boat Festival, in the upcoming holiday season, Shenzhen City Branch Industrial Co., Ltd. for the expression of holiday blessing, so that all staff through a happy holiday Dragon Boat Festival, the company for everyone to send full Of the festival benefits. June 18, 2015 afternoon, the office Zongye fragrance, colleagues have tasted the company for the distribution of dumplings colleagues. In the evening, all the staff of the company held a dinner at Xili Nan Rong Hotel.

日科实业端午节福利满满 温馨过节日

Dinner activities laughter constantly. We take this opportunity to work on the usual encounter in the interesting, bother to communicate with each other, and further deepen the feelings between the staff. During the meeting we all toast, thank the company leadership to the staff of care and care, so that we feel the warmth of home.

Every festive times, in this beautiful holiday inside, warm and warm the warmth of everyone's heart. Through the activities of the dinner, to create a harmonious company, a good atmosphere and team cohesion, and further enhance the staff's sense of belonging to the enterprise. May the company's business smoothly, vigorous development, growing.

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