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The development of enterprises is inseparable from the efforts of all staff, teamwork, continuous learning, to advance with the times, to a bright future.Today, Japan organized a special training - barrel effect, all employees of high spirits to participate in the training.Xu teacher to do the topic "cask effect - barrel principle" training. Teacher Xu language lively, frequently interact with everyone, active learning passion, so that everyone in the most relaxed way to learn, explain in simple terms to understand the effect of the barrel through the image of the barrel compared to ...
发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 26
Lunar New Year in May is China's traditional Dragon Boat Festival, in the upcoming holiday season, Shenzhen City Branch Industrial Co., Ltd. for the expression of holiday blessing, so that all staff through a happy holiday Dragon Boat Festival, the company for everyone to send full Of the festival benefits. June 18, 2015 afternoon, the office Zongye fragrance, colleagues have tasted the company for the distribution of dumplings colleagues. In the evening, all the staff of the company held a dinner at Xili Nan Rong Hotel.Dinner activities laughter constantly. We take this opportunity to wor...
发布时间: 2015 - 09 - 23
To further promote the Nikkei industrial enterprise culture, and create a positive corporate culture atmosphere, and enhance the cohesion and honor of all staff. Japan Branch this year to focus on creating a special exhibition hall, focused on the display of our business since the establishment of the honor and products, is conducive to inheritance Nikko industrial culture, witnessed the brilliant history of Japan Branch, for the Division I corporate culture add luster , Motivate us to win more applause.Japan Science and Industry vigorously strengthen the corporate culture, enhance the sense o...
发布时间: 2015 - 09 - 23
Japan Branch of the old and new friends:Hello, everyone, in order to enhance service capabilities and service levels, so that more new and old friends know our Nikke industrial corporate culture and products for the vast number of old and new friends to provide a platform for interaction, with immediate effect, Shenzhen Branch Branch Industrial Co., Ltd. Company WeChat public platform Shenzhen Branch Industrial officially on the line it!I will make full use of the advantages of this platform for the majority of friends to provide more convenient and efficient form of interaction, so that Japan...
发布时间: 2015 - 09 - 23
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